Thursday, March 27, 2014

amenoto To Release Mini-Album, Produced By Motoaki Fukanuma(深沼元昭) of PLAGUES

amenoto has determined to release a mini-album titled "Subete, Yuutsu na Yoru no Tame ni(すべて、憂鬱な夜のために)" on April 23rd, 2014.

This release will be her first time doing national distribution. Her self-produced and recorded track "Hello(ハロー)" from last year will be included in this 7 songs mini-album. Motoaki Fukanuma(深沼元昭) of PLAGUES, Mellowhead, GHEEE was in charged of the sound for this release.

amenoto is a solo project by Midori Ishii(石井翠) (Vo, G) started in the summer of 2013. She's responsible for all the lyrics to her songs and she takes inspiration from UK rock bands such as the Radiohead and also from Japanese literature. She's beginning to attract attention with her sadistic vocal and cold demeanor.

CD | Release: 2014/04/23
ships on the release date
(US$ 14.72)

amenoto - Subete, Yuutsu na Yoru no Tame ni(すべて、憂鬱な夜のために) [2014.04.23]

01. ハーモニー
02. ハロー
03. 仲間はずれ
04. 落ちる、散る。
05. 凡庸に回す
06. 雨を待つ
07. ぼくは、ぼくら。

■amenoto "ハロー" (Official Music Video)

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