Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kenji Sakaguchi(坂口憲二) Had Filed For Marriage, To Have Wedding Reception By The End Of The Year

It was revealed that actor Kenji Sakaguchi(坂口憲二) (38) and a woman in restaurant management (32) had filed for marriage licenses on March 18th, 2014.

According to Sakaguchi's agency, the filming for the final episode of Sakaguchi's starring drama series "Iryu 4(医龍4)" was finished on March 17th. After the filming was done, he filed the paperwork for marriage registration the next day on the 18th. It is said the woman is 5 months pregnant now. He is expected to hold the wedding reception for friends and family after the delivery of the baby which will be after summer.

The couple met last summer and began dating immediately. It is said that actor Ito Hideaki(伊藤英明) (38) introduced her to Sakaguchi. He took her home during new year of 2014 and introduced her to his father Seiji Sakaguchi(坂口征二氏) (72), who was a former professional wrestler. Shortly after, he also vistited the woman's family in Kyoto.

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