Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Suzu Hirose(広瀬すず) Becomes 7th Generation CM Girl For "Zexy(ゼクシィ)" Bridal Magazine

Actress Suzu Hirose(広瀬すず) (15) has been appointed as the 7th generation CM girl for the bridal magazine "Zexy(ゼクシィ)". The announcement was made at a conference held at the Tokyo wedding hall.

The CM will be broadcast starting on May 22nd, it is a comedy on a woman receiving wedding proposal. Stand facing in front of the camera, where the only line is "yes", the feeling of joy and excitement is expressed through the facial expression. The CM will be aired in 30 seconds and 60 seconds versions.

"I have wore wedding dress a few times already during the shooting of the CM, but I still feel excited every time. It would be good to get married by 30 if there is a right person. Since I will turn 16 next month, I will be old enough to get married," Hirose shyly said while wearing a wedding dress at the conference.

The CM song titled "Precious Love" was written and composed by vocalist of EXILE, ATSUSHI (34), it is a love song to convey love from a man to a woman. "In a world where a lot of men are herbivorous, I think we men need to regain our sense of value to protect women," said ATSUSHI. As for his own view on marriage, "If I have a marriage partner then I would get married. But unfortunately, I don't have one. I do want to sing this song at my wedding though.," he said with a smile.

Source: sanspo.com


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