Monday, March 17, 2014

B'z Tak Matsumoto(松本孝弘) To Release First New Album In Two Years Titled, "New Horizon"

It has been revealed that Guitarist Tak Matsumoto(松本孝弘) of B'z will release his solo album titled "New Horizon" on April 30th, 2014.

This release will be his first full album since he released "String Of My Soul" back in 2012. The album will have a total of 12 songs. It will include Sagawa Express TV CM song "New Horizon", a song with a female vocal from Wendy Morton titled "Feel like a woman tonite", and the theme song of animation "Black Jack Special" in 2003 called "BLACK JACK". In addition, the album to have a song that was showcased in B'Z 25th anniversary last year titled "Rain".

 Tak Matsumoto(松本孝弘)
CD | Release: 2014/04/30
ships on the release date
(US$ 25.54)

Tak Matsumoto(松本孝弘) - New Horizon [2014.04.30]

01. New Horizon
02. Take 5
03. Feel like a woman tonite
04. Rodeo Blues
05. Island of peace
06. That’s Cool
07. Shattered Glass
08. 月のあかり
09. Reason to be...
11. 学生街の喫茶店
12. Rain

■ Tak Mastumoto - The Theme Of Black Jack

Source: Tak Matsumoto


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